Having really focussed on lots of heavy endurance work over the winter including, 100+ mile weeks, 12mile+ tempos and large rep sessions such as 3x(2k,1k) I’ve decided to switch focus a little to some shorter sessions to try and sharpen up for 3k & 5k races.

I’m hoping that this will also benefit my 10k by making the pace feel more relaxed.

As you can see below, I still want to keep my toe in with a little endurance work just to make sure the winter work is not fogotton by my legs! Still feeling in a little lull having come down from altitude but things have been improving as the week has progressed.

End of the week is very easy in preparation for a good hard run at Manchester on Sunday.

Sun: Medium length run – 1h 45m – Don’t want to cut back too much on the miles quite yet. Mon am: 1h with 30m pickup (6.15/ml) @ 2000m altitude (chamber) Monday pm: 45mins easy Tue am: 35mins easy Tue pm: 10x300m (200m jog) in 50/51s – wow, definately needed that, makes a change to 1k+ reps on the track Wed am: 45min easy Wed pm: 6x3min (1min) on grass. Took this 80-85% effort just so my legs didn;t get complacent! Thu – rest (parents eve so big day at school) Fri – 20min jog, frustrating but Nick wouldn;t let me do any more, can’t remember the last time I ran for this long! Sat – 20min jog – the bugger did it again!