Things definately on the up following almost a week out after Manchester 10k with a cold and dodgy stomach all week.

Weekly mileage still pretty average at around 80miles as I continue to focus a little more on quality. Was really encouraged by my K’s on Saturday – one of the first times I have attempted this session.

Here are some of my key workouts (decided that the American’s are right – sounds much better than ‘sessions’!) from the week:

Sun – 2 hour steady Mon – Drills, strides and core. Tue – 10x2mins (90s) on grass – felt really stong on this, almost went off too hard but rallied well on the final few reps. Thu – 30minute tempo on road – quite a hilly, windy and twisty loop around Loughborough campus but managed sub 5:30 miling so pleased with that. Sat – 10x1k (90s/200mjog) – windy day and had to train @ 8:30am due to an impending school trip to Barcelona later in the day. Managed to average 3:11 so really pleased. Just wish I had Oslo this weekend! Oh well, will save myself for later in the year.