As this was my first trip to Oz I was super excited to explore and experience somewhere new. The jetlag wasn’t so enjoyable and I couldn’t really get my head around losing a full day in the training diary due to travel.

Adelaide did not disappoint. This place is a hidden gem in Australia as it isn’t talked about like Sydney or Melbourne. Beaches, Vineyards, Parkland, great restaurants and coffee shops; Adelaide has it all.

I’ve even managed to take in the local wildlife of the running trails.

Can you spot the “roo”?

We’ve met and made friends with the most amazing people. Jess T and Team Tempo have been great to run with as well as sharing the very best of South Australia, some epic dinners and quality coffee dates.

Since Nick and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary here in Adelaide, we took advantage of the romantic rooftop terrace at 2KW for a cheeky vino

Marathon training isn’t all glamorous but the amazing scenery makes light of the hard work

…their rivers too

It can make it appear that you are flying when, inside, everything hurts!