When I decided to do the London Marathon I don’t think I really appreciated the enormity of the task at hand. I can only describe a marathon build up as a rollercoaster ride both emotionally and physically. The highs of ticking off those miles and improving my tempo runs and the lows of being so physically tired it is an effort to put one foot in front of the other. Then of course there is the insatiable hunger, the chaffing, the blisters and all the other aches and annoying niggles that crop up.

I have asked myself on numerous occasions the same question; is my behaviour or the feelings I am experiencing
 normal? Apparently this is life as a marathon runner! So in my endeavour to make it to the start line in London I am throwing caution to the wind, taking the rough with the smooth and enjoying the ride. If I make it to the start or even better the finish line I will be one very satisfied athlete.

My marathon build up got off to a great start with a great performance at the National Cross Country in February at Parliament Hill. It gave me the positive boost I needed for the next phase of training and the run up to the Bath Half in March. However, Bath proved to be an experience I don’t wish to repeat any time soon.
  It is really difficult to go into a big race like Bath knowing you could either run really well or you are going to run on empty. For me the race was a big learning experience and it didn’t really reflect how well things had been going in training. Already feeling a little flat I also had a stitch from 3 miles, a stitch that would last for the following 4 days after the race having ran 10 miles on it. That’s life.

After some TLC and feeling sorry for myself, f it was time to get on with some decent tempo runs: the big 25k tempo. It was very satisfying to go through the half marathon mark in the same time I clocked at the Bath Half! I have to give some credit here to my beloved Nick who cycles alongside me on each tempo run come rain, hail or shine so I can have a drink. He also is acts as a shield against the wind and any nasty bugs and flies that cause debilitating eye injuries!

So with a little under 2 weeks to go before the big day I have one last tempo run to do and then it is taper time! Wish me luck. .