I’ve recently been given the great opportunity to become a Meridian ambassador.  I have to confess, I have a bit of an obsession with nut and seed butters and I’m always trying to find a new way of incorporating them into my food but sometimes there is nothing like a spoon of almond butter to perk you up. Aside from being very tasty there is also the nutritional benefit of good fats and protein.



When I’m marathon training I have an insatiable hunger especially if I’m at altitude. I always start the day with bowl of porridge, a great helping of slow release carbs.  Adding almond butter gives me the protein I need. I also include nut butter in my post recovery drinks as well as snacking on it.  I’ve also discovered several uses for tahini. Apart from being one of the main ingredients in my hummus, I’ve also started using it as a basis in my creamy dressing for kale and other greens like broccoli. Using a wide range of nut and seed butter in my food ensures that I’m getting a good hit of protein to help my muscles grow and repair after training hard.

As I enter my next marathon training phase I’ll be adding nut and seed butters to the essentials list. Hopefully, I can get that bit closer to the summit.