A selection of pictures of my journey

Focussed      Too dry even for the trees       Lookout! She's moving      Serene       Oasis?      Lookout! She's on her way       Drier than a nun's part 3      Drier than a nuns'       Drier than a nun's part 4      Alcantarilla track with undulating 530m warm up loop       The master at work       Sunday recovery       Staying right on track past the old railway station at Los Rodeos       Drier than a nuns' part 2       On the way to Coto       Sunday recover part 3       Sunday recover part 2       Cloudy day at the track       Alcantarilla track part 2      Alcantarilla track part 3      In full flight   The apprentice   Stadia strides   Stadia strides part 2   Hey good looking, what you got cookin?   Orange grove part 1   Orange grove part 2