DSC01036-CopyI am over the moon to be selected to represent England in the forthcoming Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow!! I thought my gift of red roses was a very apt gift although a little surprising given Nick has never bought me roses in the whole 13 years we have been together.

I think back to 4 years ago when I narrowly missed out on selection and made a deal with myself that next time I would make it. I remember the conversation I had with Nick last September when I sat down to set my goals for 2014. He automatically assumed I would target the marathon and thought I was crazy when I suggested aiming for the 10,000m qualification. I just smiled and made it clear that was what I was going for and I would achieve it. I never like to be public my aims but once I have made up my mind I’m as stubborn as a bull (well I am a proud to be born under the star sign Taurus!) Be it about running or just life in general Nick will quite often tell me to “put the horns away” but where would I be without them?

This is another whole new experience for me and those close to me and one which we are all very excited about. I feel so lucky to have such great family, friends, coach, therapists and sponsors who believe and share in my dreams.

After a brief celebration, it’s time to focus on the next goal. Plans have been quickly put into place to give me every opportunity to performance at my best in Glasgow, next stop Font Romeu!