20150513_083209I’m always on the lookout for tasty treats and healthy options. I was recently lucky enough to receive some sample Chi products. Apart from coconut water and milk they also do coconut oil which I have a bit of an addiction to. I use it for cooking but also put it in my porridge and even use it as a moisturiser. You have to keep those legs glowing! Chi have recently released their Raw Coconut Water made from fresh young Thai Nam-Hom coconuts. If you are lucky enough to find a Chi water that is pink – it’s an extra special one. The pink colour is a result of the active anti-oxidants found in the coconut water and yes I have been known to rake through the whole shelf on sale looking for the pink one!

Chi Raw Coconut water is simply the best way to rehydrate after a run

In case you didn’t know, coconut water is packed with naturally occurring electrolyte minerals including potassium, calcium and magnesium.Chi Raw Coconut water is 100% organic and has no added sugar or preservatives.  It is raw therefore never heated which is why the taste and exceptional nutritional content remains unchanged.

Chi Raw Coconut water is simply the best way to rehydrate after a run or workout without grabbing a sugar filled sports drink. I’ll definitely be using this Chi water as my go to after training… oh and did I mention they do chocolate coconut milk? CHI-LICIOUS! {heads to the fridge}