IMGP3137We decided to take the plunge and buy an altitude tent last September having had some success from one we borrowed from UKA the previous year.

It’s a bit strange if anyone comes round to visit and sees a big tent erected around your bed! It also feels a bit strange to sleep in for the first few weeks, however you soon get used to it. The biggest issue is the sound the generator makes but that’s bearable if you have it in another room.

So far I definitaley feel it helps, backed up by blood tests that have shown it reduces the time to adapt to altitude when I last went to Font Romeu. Obviously this is of great benefit given the little time I can afford to spend up there meaning I can get some hard workout’s (sorry just back from the US, will be calling them ‘sessions’ again soon!) done almost immediately.

The real test is going to come in the next few months when the temperature increases as it can get quite stuffy in there. Keep an eye on my race performances to see how this is working!