As I cross the finish line at this year’s Virgin London Marathon I become British Champion. For the first time in months I allow myself to feel all the emotions I have kept harboured on my journey to this finish line. Joy, delight… and yes relief? Ok so I feel a little disappointed with the time.

As an athlete you always want to run faster, but personal best performances don’t always happen when we want or expect them to. We have to accept it. As a marathoner our opportunities are very few and far between to race so when the race doesn’t turn out the way you hoped it’s a long wait before we can try again. Try again I will.

It has been a long 3 months since I set out my plan to race in London, but hand on heart I have loved challenging myself every day both physically and mentally. Running is not easy but it is what makes me tick. Forever taking me out of my comfort zone yet rewarding me each time a take a leap. Of course I have bad days which leave me frustrated and downbeat but these make the good days feel even better.

London is one of my favourite cities to visit not just because there are several Whole Food markets and Chipotle restaurants but because it has a fantastic vibe about it.  On marathon day it’s buzzing. The chilly, wet conditions on Sunday morning didn’t dampen the spirits of the supporting crowds. Their deafening cries of encouragement helped carry me all the way to the line over the last 10 miles whilst I was running solo.

I’m enjoying a little downtime from running now but to be perfectly honest I’m looking forward to the next challenge already…