Banaca boost recovery shake

Banaca Boost recovery shake – my staple protein shake when training in Kenya

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to spend another winter in Iten, Kenya whist I prepare for the competition season later in the year. Logging many miles out here is tough, yet very rewarding, with lots of hills and undulating trails that snake across the terrain at 8000ft altitude. Given the toll this can take on your body, quick, optimal recovery
between workouts is essential to ensure you are ready to go again & again. Luckily I’ve brought plenty of MyProtein products out with me to help with the task.

The food out here is extremely fresh, literally picked straight from the fields and sold at the roadside. As such, you can only buy produce that’s currently in season (Tesco hasn’t quite made it to rural Kenya yet!). This gives a great opportunity to be creative with your protein shakes.

The current one I’m enjoying at the moment is my “Banaca Boost Recovery Shake“. I try to drink this straight after my harder morning running workouts which are then immediately proceeded by a weights/gym workout.

Why I love it:

  • The potassium in the banana’s and coconut are great for hydration – the days are very hot here at this time of year
  • The whey isolate gives my damaged muscles what they need for optimal repair as soon as I finish running before I then start to lift weights!
  • The Maca powder has a whole range of nutritional benefits to help with repair and re-growth as well as tasting of caramel 🙂

Organic Maca Powder available from MyProtein