Milk alternatives make me smile

Milk alternatives make me smile

Fortunately I don’t have intolerance to cows milk I’m just not keen on the taste. I really enjoy a warming drink before bed especially as the nights get darker and colder but I was always disguising the taste of cows milk with chocolate or honey. Since a young age when we were given a bottle of milk at primary school I have grown up understanding the importance of milk for strong bones and healthy teeth. So I would drink milk for the benefits rather than the taste that was until I discovered Rude Health’s Almond milk. Since then I have started using their brown rice and most recently their coconut drink. They are so tasty on their own or added to smoothies not to mention a great way to pimp up your porridge. Here are a few to try:

  • Rude Health Coconut milk & dried mango flakes
  • Rude Health Almond milk with banana, strawberries, cocoa nibbs and bee pollen – it’s amazing and has so many health benefits
  • Rude Health Brown Rice milk with stewed apple and cinnamon

The drinks are naturally sweetened with rice, so you won’t miss the usual thickeners, syrups or added sugars.  All the drinks are fantastic in tea and coffee, hot chocolate and of course just as they are in a glass. One of my favourites is making a frothy brown rice cappuccino topped with cinnamon – it really wakes you up ready to hit your next workout. They are all dairy free, gluten free and unsweetened so if you do have intolerance these are a great alternative and a great tasting alternative at that.

For all those who love that nutty chocolaty spread out there (yes I’m a big fan too) Rude Health have a Hazelnut drink, now how about that in your hot chocolate!

Frothy brown rice cappuccino is great toget you wired before your afternoon workout

Frothy brown rice cappuccino is great to wake you up before your afternoon workout